Agent &Tenant Details

We understand that a number of lots within the Moorookyle residential community are currently tenanted or managed by  real estate agents. In order for Quantum United Management to maintain up-to-date records of the Owners Corporation, we request lot owners who have an investment property within Moorookyle to complete the form  to provide us with the details of your current agent and tenant.

Updated records are essential in ensuring that the security system is up-to-date and that only residents within the Moorookyle Owners Corporation are provided with the exclusive access to the Country Club.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please provide address of the managing agency
Please provide generic email address for the managing agency
Please provide the Managing Authority
Please note we can only allow access to either the lot owner or tenant as it is only one card issued per lot.
Please note that if the tenants will be using the club, your access card needs to be provided to the tenants.
Please provide the current lease agreement